What is the true cost of energy?

breakdown-tariff-11-billWhat Is The True Cost Of Energy?

Isn’t it funny how the cost of electricity keeps on going up, and up, and up…?
What are you really paying for when you pay your power bill? How much is actually going toward the power you consume?

In Queensland, the price users pay for electricity is comprised of five different elements; power generation costs, transmission costs, distribution costs, retail costs, and green scheme costs.
Upon closer examination the generation of the electricity you pay for only accounts for 21% of the bill you receive, with distribution costs (including a fee for maintaining the electricity grid) accounting for 48% of the bill.

The true cost of your power bill then, is not actually the electricity you use, but also the maintenance of the electrical grid which you connect to. Retail costs exceed the cost of power generation which accounts for another 24% of the bill, while green schemes account for 11%. If you could eliminate the largest component (the distribution costs) from your electricity spend, how could you do it? Two options are; not using any power at all and reverting back to wood fire stoves, oil lamps and ice boxes etc., or generating the electricity onsite somehow (the former option being the least-greenest). By generating power onsite, you also receive the benefit of eliminating the retail costs (24%), lowering the cost of your electricity even further.  What if there was a way to eliminate not just part of your electricity bill but almost every bit of it though…?

Redfox Corporation will soon bring to market its Redfox Energy ZED System, which will do exactly that! The option to generate electricity onsite, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year is finally here (no it is not a solar system with batteries!).  

If your business or home wants to save money on electricity expenditure, send the Redfox Energy Team sales@rfenergy.com.au the last 12 months of your electricity bills. They will put together a customised pre-feasibility proposal for your business or home to show you exactly how to reduce your electricity account by up to 100%, generate your own electricity onsite, and all with a zero carbon footprint!


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