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vitamin-authentication-password-pill‘Password Pill’ can be swallowed to unlock digital devices

Passwords need to be more and more complicated these days to protect your devices and private information stored on them.  The problem with passwords is if you have to remember it can’t be too complicated but if it’s not overly complicated it could be hacked. So, what is the solution here?… Motorola’s edible “authentication vitamin’ pill. Yes, you become the password.

Just swallow the pill, digest it, a soak in gastric juices and it is activated, this then sends signals and will unlock your devices. The pill will work as long as it is still is inside you.  Although it sounds like it shouldn’t be too good for the insides, the pill has been granted FDA approval and is medically safe to take up to 30 times a day.

This idea of ‘edible’ transmitters is being tested in developing medications that will help doctors monitor how their patients are responding to the medication by collecting and transmitting real-time data, like heart rate and body temperature.

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20140808223942-Hero_helmetSkully AR-1: the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet

Not only does the Skully AR-1  look super cool this helmet is jam packed with a bevy of electronic features. The Skully AR-1 shows a transparent ‘smart heads up display’ that floats to the inside of the visor, which shows what critical information in your line of sight. The AR-1 also shows things like Speedometre, GPS, Fuel lights, live rearview camera, Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls & streaming music, and GPS  navigation.  It’s easy to see just why this has helmet has been dubbed the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. Currently, Skully AR-1 is available for pre-order for $1500USD, and shipping is to start later this year.

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watchplate-640x0Jewellers custom gold-plating Apple Watches to undercut Apple’s high price tags

I am sure everyone has heard about the Apple Watch unless you have your head in the sand. The Apple watch comes in the a range of models starting with basic sports watches going up to luxury editions models starting at $10,000 USD for rose gold and up to $17,000 for yellow gold. Watch Plate is offering to gold-plate lower end watches for about $400, using 24K rose or yellow gold. Another company called Golden Dreams will offer you an off-the-shelf gold plated watches for around $3500. Golden Dreams a Swiss company, will ship worldwide, they also boast a ‘luxury box’ with your watch, if that’s your kind of thing


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Microsoft adds new emojisWindows 10 to include a new range of emoji’s, including the finger.

Windows 10 set to release a whole new range of Emoji’s, these are said to be a more ethnically diverse set of ‘people’ including more detailed facial expressions,  hair cuts, and hand gestures. Speaking of hand gestures, one of them is called, quote, ‘reversed hand with middle finger extended.’ Yes, for the first time,  you can now flip off your ‘frienemies’ in true emoji style. Windows 10 is expected to be available around July of this year, so stay tuned!


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