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Home security camera comes with modern twist

For those of you looking to beef up home security without the expense of running cables through your ceiling or buying a PC just for video storage, there’s a new camera on the market that might just be what you’re after. It’s called Homeboy, and it’s a battery-operated camera that is activated based on motion sensors. It pairs up with an iOS/Android app which basically tells the camera when you’re not home (using the GPS in your phone). Using this information, the camera will activate its motion sensor, which will in turn start it recording if it’s tripped. The camera sends the video capture via WiFi to a cloud-based storage service which means that all footage is retrievable from anywhere in the world. It can also be set to alert you via SMS or email as soon as it’s activated, and you can watch live footage of the video being recorded. Finally, as it’s battery powered (the battery can last up to 3 months depending on how often it records), there’s no need to run cable or put holes in your walls – an adhesive base lets it attach to your wall, ceiling, bench top, or anywhere else you might want to keep an eye on things!

The ball sports a microphone on the front for detecting noise, and a speaker on the back for emitting a siren. The device remains upright by sticking to a circular cradle with a magnet.

Temperature gauge take the guesswork out of bath time

For those of you with young children, you know the inconvenience of working out how hot to run the water when you fill the bath tub. Admittedly it’s not the world’s greatest problem, but it can be a real inconvenience trying to work out how hot is too hot, adjusting the knobs until you have it just right. Now there’s a device called the “4Moms Spout Cover” which fits over your bath tap and will actually display the temperature of the water flowing through it. It sports a mildew-proof design and color LEDs to show you the water temperature in addition to the actual degrees reading (blue for too cold, green for the ‘comfort zone’, and red for too hot).


When you’re filling that tub up for a nice hot bath, you’ll often find yourself fiddling with the spout to get the temperature just right. It’s always a sequence of stick your hand in boiling water, turn the faucet down to something colder, ok now it’s too cold, let’s make it hot again, is it hot enough, damn it I burned myself. 

AirDog takes extreme sports filming to a new level

In Australia we love ‘extreme’ sports – surfing, skating, BMX, you name it. If it gives us a rush, we’re all about it. Now there’s a gadget which bills itself as “the World’s First Action Sports Drone”. It’s called AirDog, and its purpose is to capture your every amazing moment as it happens. What happens is that the AirDog attaches wirelessly to an aptly-named AirLeash and uses its position to record your every move, following you as you move across the waves, through the air, or around the track. With 6 different ‘follow’ modes (for now), you can set it to hover in place as you do laps around a BMX track or follow you across the water as you take on the waves. It also includes a manual flight mode if you or a co-pilot really want to take control of the camera for yourselves. If your interest goes outside the extreme sports arena, it’s also being touted for use in music videos and indie filmmaking. This one has just shipped to its Kickstarter backers, and public release should be right around the corner – maybe just in time for Christmas?


Helico say that you just need to strap a wearable tracker, that they call an AirLeash, to your wrist or helmet in order for the drone to track and follow you. AirDog will follow a signal from this programmable tracker. 

Defeat the purpose going outside with solar-powered video game device! 

We all know the battle that’s become commonplace in the household of today: parents wanting their kids to turn off the video games and go outside. Well now everyone can get what they want with Game Tin: the world’s first solar-powered handheld video game device! Featuring a very basic design (a directional pad and 2 buttons), the makers of this technological abomination claim that it can run indefinitely in sunlight and, depending on the game, up to 12 hours on a fully charged battery. By the way, the battery takes only 30 seconds to charge in the sun. In seriousness, the concept can have some great applications and adaptations in the future, but for now I’m sort of left wondering…why?

The Game Tin will come preloaded with games (the final list is not yet established). Runtime with solar outdoors will be indefinite for most games. Runtime without solar depends on the power consumption of the specific game. Games with lower refresh rates could run all day off a single 30 second USB charge, while other more demanding games would have shorter run times. The goal is to provide games at the low and high ends of the spectrum as examples. Check back for updates on available games and runtimes.