Tech Talk April 2016

Tech Talk with Peter,

The bed that automatically makes itself three seconds after you get up

  • The OHEA smart bed automatically starts to ‘make’ itself 3 seconds after you get out of it
  • In under a minute, the bed straightens the pillow and doona and looks like no one has been in it all night
  • You have to use their own bedding, your current linens aren’t compatible
  • Perfect for the lazy


Samsung Galaxy S7 may be the “best smartphone ever”

  • Consumer Reports has released its review of the upcoming flagship phone
  • They have hailed the S7 as their #1 smartphone of all time, with the S7 Edge coming in at #2
  • Crediting “great cameras, excellent battery life, super-fast processing, and very high-res screens”
  • The camera is able to record video in Ultra-HD (also known as 4K) resolution


Microsoft Twitter bot turns into a racist troll

  • Microsoft created a Twitter bot designed to mimic a “stereotypical” 19-year-old woman
  • It was meant to defend former One Direction member Zayn Malik, use emojis, and talk about its love for Adele
  • However, the internet is a harsh place. Many users ‘taught’ the bot some highly controversial viewpoints
  • In a very publicized Tweet, which has since been deleted, ‘Tay’ claimed that “Bush did 9/11” and made some racist remarks about President Obama
  • This isn’t the first time this has happened: Coca-Cola had its ‘positivity’ campaign hijacked when one of its bots started sharing passages from Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”