Redfox Internet FAQ’s

How does Redfox Internet work?

Unlike traditional ADSL Internet services which require a phone line, Redfox Internet can best be compared to a television service. An antenna is installed on the roof and a cable run from it into the building and is terminated as a standard network jack. From there, it is connected to a router or switch which provides connectivity to the users in the building.

How fast is the Redfox Internet service?

Redfox Internet service is comparable in speed to an ADSL2/2+ service, but offers latency which is typically around half of what you would find on ADSL. This makes it ideal for working remotely, gaming, VoIP, and many other latency-sensitive applications. A list of plans and speeds available can be found here. (Internet Service)

Can I keep my home phone number?

Absolutely! While Redfox Internet does not require a landline, you are able to keep your existing phone if you so choose. Alternatively, you may opt to move to a VoIP service (link to VoIP page), which typically offers huge savings when compared to traditional copper phone lines.