Mackay Business Technology Convention 2015

Mackay Business Technology Convention 2015

brought to you by 

Redfox Corporation Pty Ltd.


Redfox is proud and excited to announce that we will be bringing some of the most up-to-date business technologies to Mackay in August 2015!

The convention will focus on technologies which are far more than just being on the cutting edge of cool. The technologies to be unveiled at this event will enhance productivity and result in lower running costs if/when adopted.
A couple of the topics to be presented at the event will be; smart networking with HP, and Internet optimisation with Riverbed. There are more, but you will have to wait and see!


The convention will be held at the MECC on Friday 14th August from 1PM till 7PM.


There are limited spots available so all business owners or managers should email Redfox to register your interest and secure your spot today!


Other guest presenters to be announced soon!

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