Domain Hosting Terms & Conditions


Domain Type Registration Fee
(1 Year)
Registration Fee
(2 Years)
.creditcard $330.00 $660.00
.accountants/.credit/.energy/.investments/.loans $216.00 $432.00
.capital/ .careers/ .clinic/ .codes/ .condos/ .cruises/ .dating/ .delivery/ .dental/ .diamonds/ .engineering/ .finance/ .financial/ .flights/ .fund/ .furniture/ .healthcare/ .holdings/ .holiday/ .insure/ .lease/ .limo/ .masion/ .partners/ .pizza/ .recipes/ .restaurant/ .surgery/ .tax/ .tiends/ .university/ .ventures/ .viajes/ .villas/ .voyage $110.00 $220.00
.expert $102.00 $204.00
.buzz $100.00 $200.00
.academy/ .associates/ .bargains/ .bike/ .boutique/ .builders/ .cab/ .camera/ .camp/ .cards/ .care/ .cash/ .catering/ .cheap/ .church/ .claims/ .cleaning/ .clothing/ .coffee/ .community/ .computer/ .construction/ .contractors/ .cool/ .deals/ .digital/ .direct/ .discount/ .domains/ .enterprises/ .estate/ .events/ .exchange/ .fail/ .farm/ .fish/ .fitness/ .florist/ .foundation/ .gifts/ .glass/ .gripe/ .guide/ .house/ .industries/ .kitchen/ .land/ .life/ .limited/ .marketing/ .media/ .parts/ .place/ .plumbing/ .productions/ .repair/ .sarl/ .services/ .shoes/ .singles/ .solar/ .tools/ .town/ .toys/ .training/ .vacations/ .vision/ .watch/ .works/ .world/ .wtf/ .zone $82.00 $164.00
.agency/ .business/ .center/ .city/ .directory/ .education/ .equipment/ .exposed/ .gallery/ .graphics/ .gratis/ .guru/ .institute/ .interntional/ .lighting/ .management/ .photos/ .properties/ .reisen/ .rentals/ .report/ .schule/ .supplies/ .supply/ .support/ .systems/ .today $62.00 $124.00
.solutions/ .technology/ .tips $54.00 $108.00
.asia/ .mobi/ .us $52.80 $105.60
.company/ .email/ .photography $42.00 $84.00
.com.au/.net.au/.com N/A $99.00
.org.au N/A $44.00
.org/.id.au N/A $66.00

Sign Up Form Conditions

* You must pay (3) months in advance at sign-up and then maintain the same every (3) months thereafter. This serves as a security deposit in case extra charges are generated on a monthly account where your usage exceeds what is included your plan.

The onus is on the user to make sure that their account doesn’t fall into arrears as the system will automatically disconnect any overdue accounts after 14 days. To disconnect with Redfox at any time, you must provide written notification of your intentions at least one month before you wish to cancel.

Billing Details

All services are billed monthly. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We do not send paper copies of invoices; they are emailed to the email address you requested on this application. They are also available on our website at any time if you require a reprint.

Terms and Conditions

This agreement takes effect immediately and is in force between Redfox Corporation Pty Ltd hereafter known as (Redfox) and (Name of Applicant) _______________________________________________ hereafter known as (CUSTOMER)


Redfox reserves the right in its sole discretion and without prior notice to suspend and / or terminate the customer’s access to the Service at any time for violating the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). Redfox also reserves the right to suspend, filter or block, and / or terminate the customer’s access if the customer’s account is being used to exploit or attack the service or the networks of others. If the customer’s account has been compromised and attempts to reach the customer and / or to have the customer repair a security breach fail, Redfox reserves the right to suspend or terminate the customer’s service. If the customer’s account has fallen into arrears, Redfox reserves the right to suspend or terminate the customer’s service. If the customer’s access is suspended or terminated, Redfox, in its sole discretion, may refuse to accept all new e-mails sent to the customer’s terminated email address and delete the customer’s data stored on the service. The customer may cancel the account by providing written notification of his / her intention to do so via email / facsimile / postal mail. Cancellation shall take effect no earlier than one month from the first billing anniversary date following notice being given, or such longer period as the customer requires. If you are under contract, you will be required to pay the remainder of the contract. If cancellation is requested immediately by the customer, the customer’s monthly plan fee is payable for the notice period. Customer is liable for damages as a result of negligence whether wilful or otherwise.


It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Redfox of any change in Name, Address, Phone Numbers and Credit Card Details. These details can be changed via the Redfox website “My Account” page, or you can call the office directly to update these details.

MCS.NET.AU Account

All correspondence being forwarded to the customer by Redfox will be sent to the customer’s nominated email address. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the nominated account regularly.


Invoices can be retrieved from the ‘My Account’ page of the Redfox website or sent automatically via email. Redfox does not provide paper invoices.


The onus is on the customer to make sure that the account does not fall into arrears; all overdue accounts will incur a late fee of $7.50 automatically. Overdue accounts are disconnected automatically after 7 days, so it is critical that you read emails from Redfox in relation to your account, to avoid unnecessary deactivations.


Redfox does not authorise or encourage the use of services provided by Redfox to the customer for the purpose of infringing intellectual property rights. The customer assumes all liability for any breach of copyright carried out by the customer or using the customer’s account and indemnifies Redfox against any liability or claim in respect of such breach, including any legal costs incurred by Redfox in the conduct of proceedings or which Redfox may be ordered to pay to any other party.

E & OE