Redfox’s residential services include high speed home internet plans, local support and cabling solutions.  If you are looking for a fast and reliable alternative to the NBN, contact Redfox today.


Redfox Home Internet Services provide you with a viable alternative to the NBN.   We are an independently owned and operated carrier which allows for the delivery of fast, reliable services backed by a local support team.  We understand how important internet access is to our users, and work hard to deliver lowly contended and affordable services you can rely upon.

Boasting unparalleled performance in both latency and throughput, Redfox Internet is the premier internet service for all uses, from social networking to business to gaming.

Contact us today to check availability in your area.


Cabling Solutions

Redfox cabling technicians are experts when it comes to your home data and communications needs.  Whether it’s a new antenna point, or a full home networking solution to keep your family connected, our team can help guide you through all the different technologies out there so you can make the right choice to suit your needs and budget.