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WA boy Xavier Hames is the first patient in the world to be fitted with an artificial pancreas.

4 Year old Perth boy receives worlds-first Artificial Pancreas

A West Australian toddler has become the first person to be fitted with a device that acts as an artificial pancreas last week at Perth’s Princess Margeret Hospital for Children.  The four year old suffers with type-one diabetes and had to receive up to 4 four injections a day. Now the child, will no longer require those four shots after a number of tubes were inserted under his skin, connecting to a small black box that acts as an insulin pump which sits in a pouch at his waist. The device was developed through 5 years of extensive clinical trials and is is able to sense glucose levels, and predicts when they will drop and stops insulin being delivered unless it is needed. The device can predict hyperglycemia (dangerously low bloody sugar) during sleep, when attacks are common and  can cause seizures, induce comas and can sometimes be fatal. The device uses an hypoglycaemia predictive algorithm to monitor and predict blood sugar drops, which sets it apart from other insulin pumps. It is now commercially available for arount $10,000 and can be used by both adults and children.




Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected craft cocktail appliance created specifically for the home kitchen.

 Robotic Bartender for your home

Somabar is the worlds first app controlled automated Bartender. This steamlined appliance will fit in to your home kitchen becoming your personal bartender.  Simply fill the 6 Somapods with alcohol of your choice, pick your drink and wellah! You will have a perfectly craft cocktail in under 5 seconds! Somabars app controlled ordering system includes up to 200 different cocktails and can recommend a drink based on what ingredients you have at home. Changing  cocktails is as simple as refilling the airtight Somapods and Somabar even rinses itself after each use with a bit of water to prevent cross-drink contamination.  The creators of Somabar spent 3 years designing this craft cocktail machine and said ” We’ve been obsessed with three principles: Performance, Perfection and Price.” That is why Somabar delivers delicious cocktails in under 5 seconds and is priced the same as an affordable smart appliance. You can pre-order your own automated bartender now for $429.




New rumours suggest that Google’s unique modular smartphone, Project Ara, will be coming to Barcelona in March for Mobile World Congress 2015.

Google to showcase modular phone ‘Project Ara’ at MWC

  • World’s first ‘modular’ phone system that allows you to change out different parts instead of entire phone. Project Ara’s modules will allow the owners to easily swap out and upgrade various parts of their phone, such as the camera, RAM, and graphics capabilities and display. Each module is estimated to cost between $50-100.  Around 50 modular components and several working phones will be on display at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March 2015.





The telescopic lens comes with a pair of smart glasses that detects winks.

Telescopic Contact Lens Zooms in with a Wink

The wearer winks with the right eye to activate the telescope and zooms in, and then with the left eye to deactivate it and zoom out. The telescopic contact lens is 155mm think and contains a tiny aluminium telescope that interacts with a paid of eyeglasses to toggle between normal and 3x magnification. The lens expands to the lights as it enters, creating an artificial magnification, similar to looking through binoculars. The telescopes were first developed and funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA for super-thin cameras for aerial drones. But they were then redesigned as an aid for people with age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause in blindness among the elderly in the west). Although this is a great leap in medical ground for suffers of AMD the contact is still in development to make the contact more breathable to be able to wear it for longer periods, so it will unfortunately be a while before we see them on the market.






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