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Prices of the iPod Classic have soared to more than $900 on eBay for some models in recent months as they become the ‘must have’ present for Christmas, after Apple discontinued them in October this year.

iPod classics selling well above original value 

Apple recently stopped selling the iPod classic back around August/September, but now some of those older models are worth far more than you might have originally paid for them. Sites like Amazon and eBay have old models listed for double their original value or more – for example a 2008-model 120GB classic retailed for about $250. Now that same model is fetching around $900 (in new-ish condition)! The appeal is based on the classic’s massive storage capacity – the largest models got up to 160GB. Compare that to the most you can get on an iPhone 6 (128GB) or iPod touch (64GB). Apple pulled the devices a few months back after it was no longer able to get certain parts to keep making it and a redesign was not feasible or economical.


A new feature in testing on YouTube allows users to quickly create GIFs from videos on the video service.

  YouTube testing GIF-making feature 

We’ve all seen the short GIFs made out of videos, movies, TV show clips, etc. Often they’re made to convey a simple message – like your typical meme, with a twist. Sometimes they’re just a low-impact way to re-watch a hilarious moment over and over. Now, Google’s YouTube people are testing an app that will let you create a GIF directly from a YouTube video, right there on the site. Currently the feature is only available on the PBS Idea Channel and you’re limited to 5 or 6 seconds of footage, but the hope is that once it gets through testing they will expand the capabilities and lift the restrictions on it. The general wish for this is that it’s ready for New Year’s Eve, thus allowing us all to immortalize our shenanigans in easily-viewed-and-shared format. However, on a related note…



Facebook is looking to end the embarrassment of drunken photos ending up online

Facebook working on a filter to prevent drunken photo postings

The era of having to delete and/or apologise for posting drunken and embarrassing photos on Facebook may be coming to an end, thanks to a new filtering system currently in development. Combining image recognition and artificial intelligence, the system is designed to distinguish between pictures taken while sober versus those taken while under the influence. If it the detection is triggered, the poster would be asked “Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?” I suppose the issue here is that while drunk, the question is one that you may change your mind about the next day…

This ‘drunk filter’ is the latest product of an overall drive by the social media giant to incorporate AI into their backend. Other such initiatives include the assisted tagging of people in group photographs (which was introduced earlier this year), and an ‘unauthorized image’ filter which would prevent others from uploading a photograph of you without your permission.



The 8K panel has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 spread across 33 million pixels

LG to demo 55-inch 8K TV in 2015 to ‘gauge interest’

Earlier this year, 4K televisions officially became a ‘thing’. As with all new cutting-edge tech, they were quite expensive at first but have since dropped sharply in price and can now be purchased relatively inexpensively. Even so, since the vast majority of content tops out at ‘Full HD’ (2K), there is very little point to owning one of these screens. With this in mind (or, honestly, probably not), LG is set to demo a 55-inch 8K panel at CES in January. Featuring a resolution of 7680 x 4320 (just over 33 million pixels), the 8K panels are purely being introduced to test the waters on the future of display tech. While the concept is great, even 4K is outpacing both disc-based (i.e. Blu-Ray) and streaming content (Netflix etc.), especially the latter as 4K content requires a massively powerful internet connection not available in most areas outside of major cities, even in the USA. Maybe one day we’ll see 8K being the new standard, but honestly I wouldn’t bet on it before 2018 at least – 4K hasn’t really even had its day in the sun yet, and both content and bandwidth need to do some significant catching up before the display tech leaves them in the dust yet again.





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