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Redfox Free Public WiFi

In April 2014 Redfox launched a brand new public offering: Redfox Free Wi-Fi! Partnering with the Mackay Regional Council for pilot deployment at Mackay’s Bluewater Lagoon, the service has been a rousing success. Locals and travellers alike have taken advantage of this service to keep their mobile data costs down. And best of all: there is no cost to them, and there never will be! The Redfox Free Wi-Fi initiative is supported by local businesses so there is never a charge to the consumer to access the service.

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What is free WiFi?

 Redfox Free WiFi allows you to connect to the world wide web and access both information pages and your social media services. There is no cost to the user, and is funded by local businesses who support the services on the service! If you are thinking about annoying Pop up adverts, this isn’t the way Redfox Free WiFi works! While browsing for products or services on Redfox Free WiFi, if there is a local supporting business that provides the service/product that you search, you will be given them as an option with your search result. So feel free to use Redfox Free WiFi as much and for as long as you want, there is no time caps or data limits! Make sure you use any applicable offers by our local business partners which can help you save money while supporting those who are making Redfox Free WiFi available to you!


Where is it?

Currently Redfox Free WiFi is available in Mackay (Blue Water Lagoon, Harrup Park Country Club, Scott Street Store, Ambassador Hotel, Wood St Mackay City Centre, and Mid City Motor Inn) and newly available in Sarina (Thirstys Cafe, Sarina Surf Life Saving Club) plus we have further plans to expand to other regions around Queensland. See our coverage map for all our locations.


Is it Safe?

While using Redfox Free WiFi each user is connected to a Virtual session directly to the server. Malicious websites and inappropriate content is blocked on the service to both protect users and their devices from harmful material.


How do I connect?

Once you have WiFi enabled on your device you will see an unrestricted (Open) network, “Redfox Free WiFi”. The very first time your device is connected to the WiFi service you will be asked to verify as a user (Via a mobile number of Facebook account) and accept the terms of conditions of use. Each additional time you enter a Redfox Free WiFi zone you will reconnect automatically to the service.


What is the catch?

As the service is supported by local business you will be presented with local alternative for the products or services you browse for while on the service. The team at Redfox feels that this is more of a benefit then a hassle as it simply reminds you (the user) of a local business you can support and maybe even a new shop you can visit!


Why are Redfox doing this?

Redfox have been providing internet services to home and business users for the last 14years, we know firsthand how handy internet access is for everyday life. Redfox wanted to use our experience and knowledge to help out our local community by providing free internet access while also allowing our fellow local businesses a way to maximise the potential of internet users.


How can I increase the number of free WiFi sites?

If you know of another area Redfox Free WiFi would benefit both the community and local businesses please post your suggestion on our Redfox Free WiFi Page ( ) and make sure your friends like it! The more interest we get from potential users will help us make it a reality as soon as possible. We are always looking for new places to extend the service and provide Redfox Free WiFi to more people. Information should be free and available to all, and is With Redfox Free WiFi.

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