About Redfox

Redfox Corporation (Redfox) is the second incarnation of Mackay Computer Services (MCS) which was founded in 1994.  Behind the face of Redfox are siblings, John Delahunty and Michelle Cornick.  Together they are committed to providing the latest cutting edge technology whilst adopting cost saving strategies for businesses around the region.
Since Redfox was originally established in 1994, it has grown to become the go to technology service provider for cutting edge solutions. The business first introduced Redfox as a Wireless Broadband service in June 2000, becoming one of the first three companies in Australia to utilise fixed wireless technology. Since its inception Redfox has proven stiff competition to more traditional land-line based internet services. 

The rebrand of MCS to Redfox in May 2014, brings a recent expansion for the highly experienced team along with an extension of the all-inclusive service offering to Mackay and the surrounding regions.  Retaining the essence of the family owned MCS company and values, you can expect the same great service, technical expertise and qualified advice from a larger team.  Now with even more product lines on offer, Redfox has everything businesses need to keep on top of their game.


Company Values Statement 


Outstanding Customer Service

Customers are our number one priority at Redfox.  We listen to our customers and ensure we are designing solutions which will meet or exceed their requirements in order to move their business forward.


Fun and Positive Team Environment

Our team members are our most valuable asset and we focus on ensuring we all bring out the best in each other through a positive and fun team environment.  We foster a culture which built on team work, professional growth and job satisfaction.  In this way, Redfox can guarantee that we have the best minds working together to create the most efficient solution for our clients.  At the end of the day, we know how our team members feels about working at Redfox, and always work towards providing a better work environment each and every day.


Honesty, Loyalty and Respect

Whether we are dealing with customers, team members or suppliers, we are always ensuring we remain honest, respectful and forthright when it comes to our communications.  The foundation of a relationship is often trust which can only be gained by being honest with those you deal with.  Our industry is one which grants control and access to one of the most critical functions of a business.  It is important that our clients have confidence when engaging our services that they will be provided with the best possible solution and that they are in safe hands.  Just as we are honest with those whom we deal with, we expect the same in return for a cohesive working relationship.


High Standards of Excellence

At Redfox we strongly believe in ensuring we are providing the best possible solution to our clients.  We thoroughly investigate various technologies to ensure we are always presenting reliable products and services to our clients in a way which will assist them to improve their overall productivity and profitability.  As part of the delivery process, we ensure our technicians are appropriately skilled and continually up-skilling to bring them up to speed with the continual improvements and changes that come with the technology industry.