The Redfox Team

At Redfox our most valued asset is our people and we recognise that our success comes from the experience, dedication and reactivity that our team brings when providing cutting edge solutions.  Meet the dynamic team at Redfox below.

  • John Delahunty


    John is the founder of Redfox and is responsible for the technical direction and design of the business.  John’s natural IT ability was apparent from the young age of 14 when he wrote his first major software application on a Tandy TRS-80.  Over the years, John’s skills have grown through his passion to understand and become an expert on complex technology mediums.  The unrivalled IT and RF knowledge possessed by John makes him one of the most in demand network design specialists in the industry.

  • Michelle Cornick

    General Manager

    Michelle is John’s younger sister and is a qualified Chartered Accountant, who is responsible for the operational and strategic direction of Redfox. She has been instrumental in developing the Redfox team’s culture that we pride ourselves on today, and the major reason our staff retention rate is so high. Since her involvement with Redfox, her planning and structured workflow skills have enabled the company to become much more efficient and has allowed Redfox to diversify into new areas of business.

  • Bernadette Guley

    Personal Assistant to the Directors

    Bernie is a valuable member of the Redfox Team whom possesses a vast knowledge of the business and its processes.  Not only does she provide invaluable assistance to John and Michelle, she also provides a prominent mentoring role to other members of the team.  Bernie is an extremely efficient and intelligent member whose bubbly demeanor and infectious laugh brightens the Redfox office.



  • Brendan Boyd

    Service & Project Manager

    Brendan is one of Redfox’s longest serving employees starting with us back in 2006.  Brendan’s outstanding technical ability means he is able to quickly resolve issues as they arise and mentor the technical team on more complex matters.  Brendan also has extensive knowledge of our internal systems and keeps them running efficiently to ensure our team are able to provide the best client experience possible.



  • Tim Delahunty

    Project Manager

    Tim has one of the longest histories with our company starting out early days with John the Director, then taking a break to try new endeavours, though lucky for us, he has recently re-joined the Redfox team! During Tim’s break he had gained extensive knowledge in Operational and Project Management, and has also gained a passion for safety and now ensures the whole team at our office and on-site are safe and sound. When Tim isn’t making sure safety is on track or working a project, he can be found testing the limits of his motorbike on bush tracks, sometimes questionably safely, but fun none the less.

  • Peter Reeve

    Internet Services Manager

    Peter is our Internet guy and makes sure our Redfox Internet service is online and ready to connect our users to their virtual world on the World Wide Web. Peter works with all departments and is regularly offering his assistance where required. When Peter isn’t working on the internet he is also is a budding actor! Peter brings his American humour to the office and keeps us all entertained with quotes and jokes from his favourite TV series and movies!

  • Kate Robinson

    Service Controller

    Kate brings years of experience handling IT Projects to the Redfox Team, along with the added benefit of possessing strong organisational skills with a keen attention to detail. When Kate isn’t busy making sure the technicians are on task, she can be found sharing her stash of lollies and assorted baked goods.  I think it is safe to say that no diet will last with Kate in the office.

  • Jim Whelan

    Business Development Manager

    Jim is our straight shooting BDM who will always work towards finding optimal solutions for our clients.  Jim has extensive industry experience coupled with the unique ability to pinpoint and resolve problem areas for his clients.  Jim’s success can be attributed to his honesty and dedication to all those he deals with.   He is an avid cyclist who can be seen hitting the bitumen at crazy o’clock and likes to keep the office laughing with his celebrity impersonations and British humour.

  • Stacey Cornick

    Sales Support Officer

    Stacey is an integral part of the Sales Team and is the main point of contact for our managed service clients.  Stacey’s exceptional customer service skills and IT product knowledge go a long way towards tailoring solutions to our customer’s needs.  Stacey is a creative mastermind and is responsible for bringing you the latest and greatest news in our monthly e-Newsletter.  But don’t be fooled by her sweet exterior, as Stacey fills her spare time kite surfing and jamming with her Derby Girls as a Mackay City Roller Maiden.

  • Justin Canino

    Service Engineer

    Justin is possibly one of our clients’ favourite technicians, Justin spends a lot of his time on client sites working with both their internal teams and sometime on his own to fix or upgrade our clients’ systems. When Justin is in the office he is always willing to give his assistance to both the sales and service departments, and is regularly found assisting his team mates well after 5pm. Justin also has the need for speed and has a keen interest in cars and can be found with his head under a bonnet when it isn’t in a server room.

  • Luke Menso

    Service Engineer

    Luke is always complimented by our clients for his work manner and ability to explain technical terms in a way anyone can understand. Luke always ensures he fully completes a job and has a lot of pride in knowing the client is happy with the result. When Luke isn’t working on computers he enjoys getting into a good TV series and is the man to ask if you are looking for one to get into!

  • Callum Fox

    Service Engineer

    Callum is the newest member to the Redfox Service Engineers, his laid back personality brings calm to those sometimes stressful IT situations.  Callum’s knowledge and ability to overcome almost any obstacle in his way, makes him a valued member to the Redfox team.

    When Callum is not delivering excellent customer service, he can be found camping and hanging out with his mates.



  • Michael Lister


    Michael joined the Redfox team to expand our service offerings to now include Electrical services, Michael is a Qualified Electrician and also holds his Air-conditioning licence. Michael has a passion for renewable energy and electricity-saving technologies. He is always looking for the most efficient way for our clients to save on their energy costs while maintaining their productivity. When Michael isn’t playing with Electricity you can normally find him discovering new technologies we can provide to our clients that will save them money.

  • Phil Johnston


    Phil is the one that likes to climb! Phil can be regularly found on a client’s roof, 20 metres up a tower, or perched atop a ladder. He can even be found in a client’s roof either installing, or maintaining our Redfox Wireless Broadband network. When Phil can’t find things to climb up, he is our go-to handyman and keeps our office in good shape and hazard free! Phil is easy to spot, he is always in his high-vis and always smiling!