As a family owned & local business, we know the value in supporting & engaging other locally owned businesses & suppliers. Redfox has been our I.T supplier since we began operating over 10 years ago. They maintain a level of service which allows our company to remain operational 99% of the time. We appreciate their no issue too big or small approach along with the consistent level of great quality service!

BRW Transport & Quarries

As a locally-owned business, it is important to us that we support locally-owned suppliers to facilitate our needs. We have found Redfox provides reliable, efficient and prompt service when it comes to supporting our Information Technology requirements. They possess a ‘Can Do’ attitude, which aligns with our Company principle of ‘Whatever it takes, Safely and Efficiently.’

QCCS – Qld Complete Contracting Services – Leanne Carter, IT


G&S Engineering have utilised the services of Redfox for over 10 years. During this time Redfox provided a number of IT services such as network design, managed services, WAN optimisation, and communication solutions in addition to a 500 seat help desk.

Due to the nature of our business, it is critical that our IT & Communication Systems are efficient, dynamic and reliable to ensure we meet the challenges and high demands of our clients. The Redfox team demonstrated a great appreciation of this and their ‘can do’ attitude was evident through all levels of their company.

The Redfox team adopted flexible arrangements and cost saving strategies to cater towards the changing needs of our business. We trust them with our environment and found them to be a reliable partner to steer us in the right direction as our business has evolved.

G & S Engineering – John Hatfield – Systems Analyst


We recently got Redfox to upgrade the internet in our motel.  We have a very busy motel and everyone expects good WiFi connections these days. We found the entire Redfox team very professional and helpful with the service and install of the new system. Since upgrading, we have not had one complaint about the internet being slow, instead everyone is excited that we offer free unlimited WiFi now. I would definitely recommend them for any future internet needs.

Thanks Redfox for making our internet needs a breeze. 

Mackay Rose Motel – Lynda Mifsud, Manager


On why Eastment & Richards use a Managed Service Arrangement “Peace of mind, expert advice, prompt service”.

Eastment & Richards – Real Estate Firm – Barry Richards, Owner


AWA Technology Services (AWA) has used the services of Redfox since 2007, at which time they were known as Mackay Computer Services. We had a requirement for a Regional Service Partner in the Mackay region to service our range of National Service Contracts in the ICT space.

We had received recommendations from some of our other Regional Service Partners in neighbouring regions about Redfox/Mackay Computer Services. Initial discussions & subsequent trials showed that they were professional company that were easy to deal with. They were acutely aware and aligned with us to meet the wide range of Service Level Agreements (SLA) associated with our various contracts.

The range of services provided has included; commercial desktop, network services, servers, consumer PCs as well as numerous ICT deployment & project activities. Redfox also provides us with 24 hr Support & Logistics services to deliver services for our high-end network contracts. Over the 10 year association, Redfox have consistently delivered >95% SLA results on the services they provide to AWA.

AWA utilises only a small component of the overall Redfox service offering.  I would recommend Redfox to another company or individual requiring ICT Services in the Mackay region. 

Cabrini Technology – Trevor Bird – Qld State Manager


After struggling for some time with conventional data access for site based offices, Cassallo Constructions engaged Redfox to connect our Dalrymple Bay site office to our main office in Mt Pleasant. The connection progressed quickly, and once operational our managers reported that the service was comparable to working in the head office. The high speed data upload from our head office has greatly   improved remote access to our servers and saved us time and money. In hindsight partnering with Redfox is something that we should have done a lot sooner.

We have found Redfox to be an excellent business to work with and Jim and his team are knowledgeable and efficient. They are client focussed and go above and beyond to ensure that they deliver the best outcomes for their customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending Redfox to any prospective client.

Vassallo Constructions – Evelyn Vassallo – Office Manager


Gosh, what an excellent experience coming from Telstra / NBN / node / copper wires – who have been what I call a living nightmare, to RedFox.. who have restored my faith in being able to find service that delivers FAST, and efficiently, and does exactly what they promise to do, and in fact EXCEEDS their promises..

After 10 months of broken promises, time offline, zero telephone, I called RedFox at 9.30 on 5th October and when I spoke to Rebecca @ Redfox, I heard things that made me think it was too good to be true. I had just been contacted by my son, who said that both Telstra tech and NBN had shown up (after various no-shows) and both said the issue wasn’t their fault- nothing wrong with their end (yet we’d been without internet and phone for 6 hours a day for weeks). Taking the plunge, I called Rebecca back, asked some questions about price, and for $79 per month, I signed up to the same deal, that I had with Telstra (who charged $130 per month) and prayed that I had made the right decision. I accepted their offer at 11.45 am and at 1 pm SAME DAY, a technician visited my home and within 90 minutes, we were up and running at 50 / 28 speed. When I got home, I tested again, and I was reaching 80/60 .

This weekend, I downloaded 3.5 GB in less than 10 minutes.. I am STUNNED and oh so grateful, and IMPRESSED to say the least. I would recommend the Red Fox team to anybody! The beauty of this is .. Telstra and NBN can argue all they like now about whose responsibility it is to deliver their ” 1/4 of 1/4 of their advertised speed downloads and uploads ” as an acceptable service standard, but, with RedFox, I NEVER have to rely on the copper wiring, the node, the congestion, and their failure to care again, whereas Redfox have local representation, a local office, telephone and email contact as well as a facebook page and are very much hands on. and so far have well exceeded my dreams in courtesy, promptness, and delivering what they promise. I have died and gone to heaven!.

VERY happy client!!!

Maria Brown, Via Facebook


Can’t recommend Redfox enough! Best service by far. Have never had a problem in 2.5 years

Jennifer Grech, Via Facebook 


I live on the edges of the useable signal and while my connection isn’t ‘Speed of Thought’ fast, it allows me to stream online video without buffering while downloading.

The girls at reception are always friendly and helpful while service enquirers are answered promptly.

The main advantage that I see using Redfox is that they’re local and when there is an outage, I’m not talking to a disinterested voice in Brisbane, but someone who knows the area and the conditions.

Mark Johnson, Via Facebook