Recent Projects

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07 Sep: Recent Projects Completed

We have been fortunate to be part of several local events over the past couple of months, ranging from national broadcasts to WiFi expansion in our region. We are proud to partner with local councils and major corporations to help make these events a success for the community. Below is a summary of events for…

Redfox Corporation - IT and Internet Services - Mackay QLD

08 Feb: MRC – PtP WAN Upgrade (August 2017)

In August 2017, Redfox completed a major upgrade to fortify the existing Mackay Regional Council communications infrastructure.  This required installation and commissioning of four new PtP Links, including 2x licensed microwaves and spanned multiple sites across Mackay and surrounding localities. 
Redfox Corporation - IT and Internet Services - Mackay QLD

02 Feb: Port of Mackay Security Network Upgrade

This security project encompassed the design, installation and commissioning of a site-wide security system.  Using both wireless and fibre infrastructure, Redfox installed state of the art PTZ cameras with features such as long-distance night vision and self-cleaning systems.  These features not only improve vision coverage but also reduce regular maintenance.
Redfox Corporation - IT and Internet Services - Mackay QLD

12 Jan: Private Link (Nebo to Coppabella)

Redfox designed and constructed a series of point to point communications towers to extend a business-grade 10Mbps Internet service from Nebo to Coppabella. Our client had experienced years of poor Internet quality over 3G and NBN satellite services, severely impacting mine support services and business productivity. The Redfox solution successfully relayed a stable, high-speed link…

Redfox Corporation - IT and Internet Services - Mackay QLD

07 Oct: Dudley Denny City Library Point to Point Link

Completed in July 2016, Redfox installed a high availability PtP Microwave Link for the Mackay Regional Council’s Dudley Denny City Library.  The installation included an engineered mounting structure, power solution and communications equipment.  As part of this project Redfox administer support and maintenance contracts for this infrastructure along with housing high availability cold spare equipment…