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Frequently Asked Questions

Redfox Internet FAQ’s

How does Redfox Internet work?

  • Unlike traditional ADSL Internet services which require a phone line, Redfox Internet can best be compared to a television service. An antenna is installed on the roof and a cable run from it into the building and is terminated as a standard network jack. From there, it is connected to a router or switch which provides connectivity to the users in the building. 

How fast is the Redfox Internet service?

  • Redfox Internet service is comparable in speed to an ADSL2/2+ service, but offers latency which is typically around half of what you would find on ADSL. This makes it ideal for working remotely, gaming, VoIP, and many other latency-sensitive applications. A list of plans and speeds available can be found here. (Internet Service)

Can I keep my home phone number?

  • Absolutely! While Redfox Internet does not require a landline, you are able to keep your existing phone if you so choose. Alternatively, you may opt to move to a VoIP service (link to VoIP page), which typically offers huge savings when compared to traditional copper phone lines.



Free WiFi FAQ

Free WiFi, What is it and Wi the Fi would I care? 

  • WiFi or Wireless LAN is your ticket to getting onto the Internet within one of the Redfox Free WiFi Zones without having to plug in your laptop or mobile device. Radio transmissions allow you to connect to a broadband Internet service in each Zone. 

 What do I need to connect to Redfox Free WiFi?

  • Your laptop or mobile device needs to support 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN to connect to the network. Most modern laptops these days come with WiFi chips built in. If you have a Windows laptop, look for the Intel Centrino logo on your machine near the keyboard.


Most Apple Mac mobile devices purchased in the last 3 years have Airport wireless chips built in. Many current mobile phones or smart phones have WiFi built in as well. For example, the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch are great examples of WiFi enabled devices. If you are not sure, check with your retailer where you purchased the phone or laptop and they should be able to confirm if WiFi is supported. If your laptop doesn’t support WiFi natively, there are many PC Card and USB wireless options your retailer can offer you to take advantage of the Redfox FREE WiFi.


 Is there a time limit to how long I can stay connected to Redfox Free Wifi?

  • No, there is no time limit set on any Redfox Free WiFi Network.

 Is there a download limit on how much data I can suck down whilst using Redfox Free WiFi?

  • Nope, there are no download limits on any Redfox WiFi Session, although illegal downloading is blocked whilst using the service. 

Is Redfox blocking any websites I can access on the free WiFi hotspots?

  • Redfox are offering Free Wireless Broadband Internet access as a “Family Friendly” service and therefore, there is some sophisticated content filtering going on in the back end to ensure little Johnny’s soccer team doesn’t see anything too dodgy over someone’s shoulder.

Does Redfox block peer to peer applications like Bit Torrent etc? 

  • Yes, peer to peer traffic like Torrents etc are blocked on Redfox Free WiFi.

Can I access my email from the Free WiFi Hotspots?

  • Like most Hotspots, users typically access email via a WebMail interface to their mail server and the Redfox Free WiFi supports common web based mail services such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc.For Corporate users, typically the VPNs discussed above will be used to securely connect back to their office and they will access email over the VPN.That being said Redfox have permitted some basic email access directly from your correctly configured mail client. The supported mail protocols are as follows:

    Incoming Mail

    • POP3
    • POP3 over SSL (POP3S)
    • IMAP
    • IMAP over SSL (IMAPS)

    Outgoing Mail

    • SMTP over SSL (ports 465 & 587)

    Native SMTP on port 25 has been specifically excluded to prevent the Free WiFi network from a Spam source by only permitting outbound mail on Authenticated SMTP destinations.

    If you are having issues configuring these mail settings, we suggest using Webmail as this will always work regardless of these mail restrictions.

Can I hang out with my gaming buddies in the store and play games over the WiFi network? 

  • The in-store wireless is setup to prevent this sort of peer to peer traffic between wireless devices in the store. 

 Will my favourite messenger client work in the Free WiFi hotspot?

  • Currently MSN, iChat and Skype messenger clients have been tested to work but only for the chat session functionality. Additional features such as peer to peer file transfers are not permitted as per the Redfox terms and condtions.