Have you tested your safety switch lately?

 Safety switches save  lives. 

Safety switch 2

Electrical safety switches detect any change in current through the circuit and cut the supply of electricity in as little as 0.03 seconds if the circuit experiences a fault. This is fast enough to prevent costly damage, but more importantly it reduces the risk of fatal electric shock occurring if a person or animal has earthed the circuit.

If your home was built before 1992 (the year it became compulsory to have safety switches installed), it is important to check the premises has safety switches installed. Check the switchboard for safety switches marked with a ‘test’ or a ‘T’ button.
It is also important for safety switches to be in proper working order. Test your safety switch by pressing that button and turning the switch back on at least every three months (an easy way to remember this is, when you receive your quarterly electricity account, test the safety switches).

If you find your power does not switch off, then you have a faulty safety switch, contact your licenced electrician immediately!

Never attempt to do your own electrical work, it’s dangerous, and illegal!








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