Free Wi-Fi

Redfox Free Public WiFi

In April 2014 Redfox launched a brand new public offering: Redfox Free WiFi! Partnering with the Mackay Regional Council, Redfox designed and deployed a Free WiFi network at Mackay’s Bluewater Lagoon as part of a 3 month pilot. Following its success, a permanent public Free WiFi network was deployed throughout the Mackay City Centre.  Locals and travellers alike have taken advantage of this service to keep their mobile data costs down.  The Redfox Free WiFi initiative also supports the promotion of local businesses and community events within the platform to further encourage local spending by network users.


What is free WiFi?

Redfox Free WiFi allows you to connect to the internet and access both information pages and your social media services.  The service provides free internet to end users limited to 3GB of data for up to 2 hours per day, per device.  So next time you are visiting the Mackay City Centre, be sure to try out the Free WiFi service and save your data allowance for when you really need it.

Is it Safe?

While using Redfox Free WiFi each user is connected to a virtual session directly to the server. Malicious websites and inappropriate content is blocked on the service to both protect users and their devices from harmful material.  Despite the security measures employed on the network, it is still advisable to avoid using the service for confidential or highly sensitive information.

How do I connect?

Once you have WiFi enabled on your device you will see an unrestricted (Open) network, “City Centre Free WiFi”.  A screen will pop up welcoming you to the service.  The very first time your device is connected to the WiFi service you will be asked to accept the terms of conditions of use.  Each additional time you enter a Redfox Free WiFi zone you will reconnect automatically.


WiFi on Wheels – The Redfox Trailer

Keep an eye out for the Redfox WiFi Trailer which is our mobile WiFi solution and can be found at events such as sporting carnivals, fairs, markets, exhibitions, and the like.

Should you wish to take advantage of the free network, simply connect by following the instructions listed above.

Not only will you have access to Free WiFi, but the trailer also provides:

  • Charging Stations – refuel your phone or device at the trailer.
  • Samsung Tablets – need to look up something whilst out and about…feel free to utilise the tablets located at the trailer.

If you have trouble connecting, feel free to approach our friendly staff onsite or our media partner Star FM / 4MK.