Redundant Internet

What is a Redundant Internet Service?

The only way to protect your business from internet outages is to setup a redundant service which acts independently from your primary internet connection.  Once setup, your primary internet service will automatically failover to the secondary service in the event of an internet outage, which means your internet connectivity is not disrupted.

Often businesses are led to believe that it is sufficient to source internet form two separate internet service providers, but this is not the case.

Most ISPs in Australia resell NBN services, which is commonly sourced from the same location.  This can result in failure of this solution.

Let’s explore the below example.

Scenario 1
NBN Reseller + NBN Reseller

Provider A is the primary internet connection.
Provider B is the secondary (redundant) internet connection.

In this scenario you can see that when Provider A’s service is disrupted, chances are Provider B’s service was also be impacted. Whilst it appears that you have two separate services with two termination points, they are both sourced from the same location.


Scenario 2
NBN Reseller + Independent Carrier

Provider A is the primary internet connection.
Provider B is the secondary (redundant) internet connection.

In this scenario, Provider B is an Independent Carrier.  As you can see, when Provider A’s service experiences an outage, Carrier B is not impacted as it is not connected to the same backhaul service.


The above demonstrates the importance of ensuring two independent services are utilised to provide true redundancy for your business.

Redfox can deliver a solution which integrates seamlessly into your environment.  This means that when your internet goes down, it will automatically failover to your backup Redfox connection so that you can continue business as usual.

Redundant Services available from $15 per month!

At Redfox, we understand how critical internet services are to the operation of your business. 

We have a range of redundant services options available starting from as low as $15 per month.

Does your business need a back-up internet service?

If your business’ ability to operate depends upon the internet being available, then YES, you should consider a redundant internet connection.

Can I just use a 4G/5G Dongle?

Whilst 4G/5G Dongles will provide you with connectivity, the bandwidth might not be sufficient once shared amongst all employees, particularly those who host most applications in the cloud.

However if you just need to have your Eftpos terminal operational and some other minor applications, then this might be suited to your situation.

When selecting a 4G/5G service, consider which carrier provides the best connectivity within your business.  Being based in regional Queensland often sees businesses struggle to access cell coverage within the 4 walls of their business. 

What do I need for a Redundant Network?

You will need to ensure that you have the proper physical hardware.  Check with your IT staff or provider that your router has the right capabilities to automatically switch from one provider to another

What's involved in the installation?

The install consists of a tripod being mounted on the roof.  The installer will ty to use pre-existing holes in the roofing to minimise impact; any gaps are silicone sealed.

The connector dish is then attached to the tripod and cabled through the roof, down the walls and into the nominated location to a wall plate/ point.  Your existing router is then connected to the point.

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