Discontinuing Email Services

Due to the ever-increasing variety of email account options available, Redfox have made the decision to discontinue our hosted email offerings. As of 30th November 2019, all email accounts ending in “mcs.net.au” and “redfox.net.au” will be closed. Please note, if you prepay your email service annually your service will terminate upon your expiry date opposed to the above-mentioned date.

How will this impact me?

From the dates mentioned above you will no longer be able to access, send or receive emails from your @mcs.net.au or @redfox.net.au email address.

How do I create a new email address?

Microsoft outlook has so much to offer whether you use your email for personal or business. Personal email accounts can be set up for free and offer large mailbox limits of 15GB. To create a free account please follow this link: https://outlook.live.com/owa/ Alternatively, moving your business to Microsoft Office 365 will give you access to office applications such as Word, Excel, share point and many others. You can also choose to register a domain name (eg.johnsmowingservices.com.au) and create separate business email accounts (eg: accounts@johnsmowingservices.com.au) If you would like a quote or more information please call one of our friendly staff on 07 4951 7777 or info@redfoxcorp.com.au

Learn more about Office Accounts

Where can I find help?

Redfox will offer free email forwarding and automatic replies to all customers emails who change over to a new email address before 30/06/2019. Please call 07 4951 7777 for assistance on creating a new email address, setting up automatic replies and email forwarding.


Automatic replies- An email will automatically be sent to anyone sending an email to your current address advising them to update their address book with your new email address.

Automatic forwarding – Redfox will automatically forward emails from your inbox (excluding spam folder) to your new email address.

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