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Ryobi Phone Works Tools

Ryobi have come out with a line of tools for tradies (mainly in construction) to use on site as part of their normal routine. They call it “Phone Works”, and it’s basically a set of attachments for smartphones. They have a laser level, infrared thermometer, 10-inch fiber optic camera with an LED light, stud finder, and a few other devices, plus an app that ties it all together. Just connect the tool you want and fire up the app, and you get readings etc. right on your screen. The gadgets retail in the states for anywhere from 15 to 100 bucks, so far there’s no official Australian release but I’ve put an enquiry in to Ryobi Australia

Ryobi Phone works

Now you can measure | Align | Calculate | Inspect | Level | Locate with more confidence and functionality than ever before.


New ‘5K’ Retina display iMac announced

For all you Apple enthusiasts out there, they’ve just announced their next generation of iMacs, and it includes a ‘5K’ display. They’re touting it as the world’s highest-resolution display, with 5120 x 2880 pixels on a 27-inch screen. Personally, I’m not sure how practical that sort of resolution is on a screen that’s only 27 inches, but it’s something that could be truly staggering if transferred to the OLED TV market, since it packs 67% more pixels than the already-stunning 4K ‘ultra HD’ resolution. Pricing is starts at $3000 locally, which is actually not too much of a step up from the US price of $2500 – if you’re lucky enough to have that sort of cash lying around.

5k iMac

Apple’s newest iMac has the best display ever on a computing device. Let’s just get that out the way right at the start: You won’t find a better screen anywhere else, period.



Facebook introduces ‘are you safe?’ feature for disaster-affected areas

Now obviously in central Queensland we’re no strangers to cyclones, floods, fires, and other natural disasters, so this next one is I think particularly relevant and something that lots of people can get behind. Facebook has recently added an ‘are you safe?’ feature which presents to people whose devices are geotagged in disaster-affected areas. Basically, when you log in you’ll get a sort of pop-up message asking if you’re alright, you can say whether you’re safe or not in the affected area and it the tool will create a little newsfeed post so your friends and family don’t have to spend hours or days worrying about you. Facebook are looking to work with authorities to flag disaster areas as quickly as possible to sort of maximise the effectiveness of the feature.

are you safe_facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced ‘Safety Check’ while in Japan. If you are in a zone affected by a natural disaster it asks if you’re okay. By tapping ‘I’m safe’ the app will send notifications that you are fine. Friends and family can see a list of friends in affected areas who are safe


MasterCard working on ‘contactless’ biometric card

You’ve probably heard recently that signatures for EFTPOS transactions is going the way of the dinosaur – it’s all about the PIN these days. Well MasterCard is actually looking to do better than that. Working with a company called ‘Zwipe’ (like ‘swipe’ with a ‘Z’), they’re designing and testing a card that actually uses your fingerprint to authenticate EFTPOS transactions. It’s actually powered by the EFTPOS terminal itself, the same way that your paywave and paypass works now, and when it ‘powers up’ it triggers a reading from the fingerprint sensor to authenticate payment. Best of all, your fingerprint data is stored only on the card, and not online, so it can’t be hacked and compromised.


MasterCard partnered with Zwipe to create the world’s first credit card that combines biometric authentication and contactless payment technology.