Cyber Security

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly more frequent with each year that passes.  It is now a genuine threat to every business, big or small.  While each technological advancement means ‘we’ are getting smarter and excelling in our fields, it also means that hackers are too. It is for this reason that security is paramount.

The effects of being targeted by hackers or having to deal with mass data loss, should not be underestimated.  It’s difficult to comprehend unless it has happened to you, but try to imagine what might happen if sensitive information were lost, accessed or your client database was hacked and even held at ransom.  A scary thought, isn’t it? The very real truth is that no company is immune, which is why Redfox is armed with a prestige cybersecurity suite, ready to protect your business.

Our comprehensive cyber protection suite is easily customised to protect any company’s networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access.  Our services include but are not limited to;

  • Information security;
  • Application security;
  • Network security; and
  • Disaster recovery.

Redfox’s security partner has developed a unique Cyber Security Risk Assessment tool, which creates a functioning model of your network in order to test for Cyber Security risks.   It provides an intelligent and automated mechanism to identify, prioritise and respond to critical points of weakness and vulnerability in complex enterprise networks.

To start protecting your data by putting a Cyber Security System in place, contact one of our friendly Redfox team members.