Business Internet Services

Redfox Business Grade Internet Services are second to none when it comes to performance, reliability, and value.

Boasting services ranging up to a staggering 20 Mbps symmetrical (same upload and download speed) at a fraction of what the big Telcos are charging for the same services, Redfox Business Grade Internet will give your company the competitive edge in remote accessibility, cloud services, and many other internet-intensive applications.

Fixed Wireless Network

The Redfox Fixed Wireless network is available to businesses and residences in the greater Mackay area, including Bucasia, Sarina, Marian, and Mirani. We are always looking at potential areas to grow into as well – be sure to check out our Upcoming Internet Works section for all the latest expansion and upgrade plans!

Redfox services can be used to enable two different types of connectivity:

Private Layer-2 Links (Site-to-Site)

Connect your offices across the Mackay area, or even across Australia, using Redfox Internet Services. Seamlessly integrate multiple branches into your network, enabling improved voice, video, and data communication between sites. For more information on customised services, please see our Customised Internet Solutions page.

High Speed Internet

Connect directly to the Internet with a business-grade, high speed, high-availability service with symmetrical download and upload speeds. Affordable symmetrical service is a key benefit of joining up with Redfox as other major telcos, who rely largely on old copper networks, cannot deliver the sort of continuous speed that Redfox is able to deliver over its state-of-the-art network.

The Redfox network uses a combination of licensed and unlicensed radio spectrum to deliver services across the region. All communications are highly encrypted with the latest security protocols to ensure there is no risk to customer data as it traverses our network.

Customers connect to the network by placing a radio antenna on their building, typically on the roof. This antenna connects to the Redfox network via high-speed a wireless connection to one of the many Redfox repeater sites in the area. The antenna connects to the customer’s internal network via a standard CAT5e Data cable and presents as an Ethernet connection, which means it can be seamlessly connected to any computer, router, switch, or other Ethernet-enabled device. This means that customers can connect quickly and enjoy the high speeds and low latency that Redfox offers, without the prohibitive cost of a fibre run.

Our business plans have tiered speeds, subject to location and signal strength. Click to view our business plans available.