Managed IT Services

Redfox Managed IT Services

The Redfox Managed Services program is designed to monitor and maintain your business’ IT environment. Through active management of your network and associated devices, we will be able to reduce the likelihood and frequency of network failures and issues, saving you both time and money in unforeseen downtime.

Program Benefits

  • Dramatic reduction in the number of emergency incidents – that can negatively impact and affect the success of your business as a result of proactive monitoring.
  • Cost Savings – monitoring your network will allow us to determine quickly the root cause of any network issues, thereby reducing the timely task of issue diagnosis from hours to minutes.
  • Higher Levels of Employee Productivity – by performing routine maintenance and watching your network, the business impact of any IT failure is reduced by shortening the mean time to incident resolution, thus resulting in increased productivity levels.
  • IT Experts at your Fingertips – a staff of experienced, highly skilled resources will be ‘watching’ your network 24/7 and dealing with network issues as they arise, allowing you to focus on core business activities. 
  • Improved Customer Service Experience – All MSA customers are given higher call priority over non-contract customers.
  • Full Program Flexibility – We understand that your business is rarely static and are committed to assisting you and developing a program which suits your needs.

How does it work?

The Redfox team will complete a full site assessment of your existing infrastructure and environment.  We will then speak with you to pinpoint if there are ongoing concerns in your network and discuss any upcoming upgrades and projects.

We will then be able to provide a recommendation as to which Redfox Managed Services Program will best suit your business.

As part of the installation process, our experienced technical team will deploy monitoring nodes enabling the Redfox team to remotely monitor and continue to assess the health of your IT environment.  Using sophisticated tools and processes, we are able to identify potential issues before they occur, allowing us to proactively manage your site and keep you online.

Further to this, the technical team may perform regular maintenance tasks to the network backbone, reducing the likelihood and frequency of network failures and issues, thus saving you both money and time caused by unforeseen downtime.

What are the programs?

At Redfox, we understand that every business is different, which is why we have created four separate programs to enable you to select the coverage which best suits you.

The Managed Services Program is designed to provide you with dependable IT management, supporting companies from 5 to 500 users.   Whether it is steady growth or rapid expansion, Redfox Managed Service Program will support you wherever the future takes you.

How can you get your business on board?

If you are interested in our Managed Services, contact one of our friendly team members and we will arrange a no-obligation quote.