Business Services

At Redfox, our passion is technology and our mission is to help businesses achieve efficiency and success.  With our range of solutions available and breadth of experience, the possibilities are limitless.

Business Internet Solutions

Redfox’s Business Grade Internet Services are second to none when it comes to performance, reliability, and value. We offer a range of plans for various data limits, download and upload speeds. Remote accessibility and cloud services are available, as are customised internet usage plans and domain and web hosting services.


Businesss IT Solutions

The Redfox team is proud of our range of business IT solutions. We truly believe that our IT solutions can help boost your businesses’ productivity. We offer managed IT solutions, cloud services, consulting and network design; that can be tailored to office staff, mobile workers, telecommunications and anything in between. Redfox also take care of disaster recovery of lost data, IT help desk services and offer training and support for your staff.


Business Security Solutions

These days, Cyber Security is imperative to any business. Likewise, building security is paramount for business owners wanting to protect their staff and physical assets. In today’s world of hackers and multiple external threats, being prepared and ensuring your assets are protected is essential. Redfox offer premium, reliable and comprehensive cyber security and security system services, which give business owners peace of mind and reassurance that all of their business assets are safe.


Business Energy Solutions

This service is coming soon.

Business Drone Solutions

This service is coming soon.