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Redfox Managed  Services

Redfox Managed IT Service program works with your business to proactively monitor and maintain your business’ IT environment. 

Regular proactive maintenance and monitoring can stop problems before they occur allowing your business to run smoothly, maximising staff productivity.



What is Redfox Managed IT Service program?Asset  Management image

The second your IT Equipment stops doing what it should, it is costing your business money. Even if your current IT provider has a quick response, waiting for them to respond is costing more money. Add to that the cost of the actual work required to get your IT equipment running again, and it starts to get a bit scary! So why not prevent the issues instead of waiting for them to surprise you?

Redfox Managed Services is a proactive way to monitor and maintain your business’ IT environment. Proactively monitoring and maintaining your business’ IT environment minimises both the chance of downtime and the impact of downtime on your business, ensuring you the best chance of long-term survival in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Features of Managed IT Services

  • Proactively monitor your IT environment 24/7
  • Cost effective IT solutions
  • Alerts when critical faults arise
  • Minimise your businesses downtime when critical IT issues arise
  • Keep your network secure and up to date
  • Detailed monthly reports to see how Managed Services works for you
  • High priority service levels to our Redfox Managed IT Services


How does it work?

CogsAfter the Redfox Team has performed an assessment of your site and IT requirements, we will provide a recommendation for what Redfox Managed IT Service Program arrangement to suit your business.  As part of the installation process, our experienced technical team will deploy monitoring nodes onto the agreed devices in order for the Redfox team to remotely monitor and assess the health of your IT environment. Through the use of sophisticated tools and processes, we are able to identify potential issues before they occur, allowing us to proactively manage your site and keep you online. Further to this, the technical team will perform regular maintenance tasks to the network backbone in order to reduce the likelihood and frequency of network failures and issues, thus saving you both money and time caused by unforeseen downtime.

MSA process

How much does it cost?

Dollar SignAt Redfox, we understand that every business is different, which is why we have created three separate programs to enable you to select the coverage which best suits you. To simplify billing and management of your account, pricing will be calculated based on the number of users within your organisation as opposed to the number of devices you needing monitoring and management. This means you can add and remove devices as you wish without affecting your monthly IT spend.

As part of our product offering, all Redfox Managed IT Service partners are automatically added to our VIP list, receive a dedicated Account Manager, gain Portal Access and access to discounted Partner Service Rates.

With the Redfox per-user pricing model, Redfox Managed IT Service Program is designed to provide you with dependable IT management that supports your business’ growth without inflating operational IT costs. Whether it’s steady growth or rapid expansion, Redfox Managed IT Service Program will support you wherever the future takes you.


How can you get your business on board?

Down ArrowIf you would like to move your business to a proactive Managed IT Services, contact one of our friendly team members to arrange a no-obligation quote based upon the package which best suits your business. Prices start from $29ex per user per month on basic monitoring. Find our more contact us today.


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