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Disaster Recovery

The IT world is full of disasters just waiting to happen.  Cyclones, flooding,  power failures, network outages, hardware  failures, human error…the list goes on and on. It’s not a question of whether disaster will strike, only when. It’s estimated that more than 50% of companies never recover from such disasters. At Redfox we always hope for the best but plan for the worst. 

How soon could your business start running after disaster strikes?

If you have ever had a hard drive fail and lost all your pictures, movies, or music, you know the regret of not backing up. Now imagine if that failed hard drive had all of your business-critical data on it. 

Remote backups are among the best way to protect your data and guarantee you can restore it after a major disaster strikes. Remote backups, otherwise known as managed backups or offsite backups, allow you to maintain a safe, secure copy of your data in a location other than your office. Redfox Corporation has your business covered when it comes to minimizing data loss, and more importantly the Redfox team has solutions to get your business back up and running at full speed after an unexpected outage in hours, not weeks.

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