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Redfox Energy ZED System

Redfox Energy is proud to present the ZED System which is the benchmark solution in Distributed Renewable Energy technologies. The system is comprised of an integrated solar-thermal tri-generation plant capable of collecting, supplying, and storing clean energy for general consumption.  Unlike solar, the ZED systems captures all thermal energy and converts this into energy in a manner so efficient that it is possible to reduce your electricity bill on average by 90% – 100%. 


Benefits of the Redfox Energy Zed System:energy(1)

  • Grid independence.
  • Consumption audits & accurate reporting.
  • 24x7x365 onsite, grid-backed power.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Carbon neutral.
  • Modular & scalable system allows for growth.
  • Peak shaving removes peak-demand charges.


 Ask our Redfox Energy Team for a FREE Energy Pre-feasibility study by simply supplying 12 months worth of Energy bills today and start saving money instead of spending it!