What does it all really mean?

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What does it all really mean??

 By Amanda Pelagalli ~ Heed Business Design

AmandaIf you’re a client of mine or follow some of my social media channels, you would notice that I have been harping on about the use of hash-tags of late.  Why are we talking about one symbol on your keyboard??  Well a couple of reasons really but the main one is that it’s a vital part of the way we communicate online. This alone makes it important to understand how & why to use hash-tags, not only as an individual on a personal level but as a start up or business to leverage & participate in other campaigns. Communication goes both ways, on one hand you can tell the world or share your content by using a hash-tag and on the other you can listen to the online conversations others are having. Businesses can use this as a form of research to aid their own marketing efforts but that’s a whole other topic that we don’t have time for right now. But you should start to be getting the picture that social media is all about communication and the hash-tag is part of that language. Locally in the Mackay region we have seen the launch of some fantastic marketing campaigns involving hash-tags and it’s up to us, in the community to support it and keep our “content” getting out there, reaching new audiences. Why? Well via these campaigns we can put social media to good use and help our region to thrive in one way or another. And that’s something we are all passionate about… I hope. 

Back to my explanation …. Hash-tags started on Twitter in late 2007 and were adopted into most other social media platforms more recently in the last 3 years.  The hash sign (also referred to as the pound sign) turns any word that directly follows it into a searchable link. This allows you to organise content and track interesting topics based on those keywords. For example, go to any of your social media’s, (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr) and they will all have a search bar where you can type. Type  #mackaypride  and hit enter to see what comes up.  It should be content (posts, videos, photos, pictures) hopefully relevant to the campaign around what those of us whom live and work in the Mackay region are proud/grateful for. Here’s a picture of what it shows me today when I do that on Twitter (from @HeedBizDesign)

Heed Business Design 2015.03#mackaypride


Another one to look at is #101thingsinmackay which is one that I am particularly fond of and is a campaign that the Mackay Airport launched to help our tourism market attract national tourists with the widen range of flights from the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney flying direct into our backyard. Here’s a picture of what it shows me today when I do that on Facebook (from my personal account Amanda Pelagalli) 

Heed Business Design 2015.03#101thingsinmackay


Personally my favourite social media platform is Instagram and the #visitmackayregion is one search that has some truly breathtaking imagery of our region and acts as the ongoing marketing campaign from Mackay Tourism.  Here’s a picture of what it shows me today when I search on Instagram (from @marketing_mackay)Heed Business Design 2015.03#meetmackayregion #mackaymarinaThink about it in this one example; a tourist might fly/drive in from Melbourne, read the airline magazine or pull up at the info centre, walk through the airport see some signs and pick up the touristy pamphlets, talk to the taxi driver on the way to the hotel, speak to the local at reception and again probably have the opportunity to pick up more tourist materials. By now the tourist has seen or been told about these hash-tags and will start searching……. question is will your favourite Mackay destination, activity, cafe, bar, restaurant or hotel be shown??  If not then start posting photos or tweeting about your favourite place or business and these hash-tags into your comments, so that it does. If every one did one post a week it would give a huge boost to all of these campaigns. The hard work has been done for us, all we need to do is share our authentic stories (aka content) about what we love in this region and this will help our tourism and hospitality industries greatly. Social media gives us the power to help each other and it’s the little things like this that collectively will make a huge difference. So take part in it!

I hope that I have helped you to understand the language of ‘online’ a little more.    To find out the symbols that can make up a hash-tag and to get tips on best practice for hash-tags head to my blog by clicking here www.heedbusinessdesign.com/the-hbd-blog  there will be more information waiting there for you. This story will be published to social media shortly so feel free to share, comment or shout out to me there. 🙂

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