What is Asset Management?

Asset Management

Do you know what IT equipment your business has, where it is all located, and if it actually works?

Very few business do monitor and track their IT assets even though IT both an expensive asset as well as a crucial one for businesses in the 21st century.

As business strive to keep up with the latest technologies to maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets, incorrectly purchased or unused IT assets can become a costly burden which holds companies back.

Redfox Asset management is the simplest, care-free method keeping track of a business’ IT hardware and software assets.

Redfox audits and asset tags IT hardware, provides warehousing for excess hardware resources, tracks all asset movements between users, handles warranty claims & validity, and provides clients with clear asset reporting to keep them informed and on top of their game.


If you would like to find out more about Asset Management for your business, call us on 0749 517777  or email info@refoxcorp.com.au to book an appointment.

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