Just an update on the Armstrong Beach network.  We have progressed our rollout plan significantly since the last update.

The following list summarises our latest progress.

  • Secured backhaul services into Armstrong Beach which is a significant milestone for the network rollout.
  • Completion of plan for 3-Stage rollout for the Armstrong Beach area based upon address.
  • Confirmation of hardware availability.

Next actions include:

  • Finalisation of Access Point locations which will re-transmit service to end users;
  • Confirm timing for commissioning of Backhaul service; and
  • In-house testing and quality assurance before deployment.

Once the above steps are complete, we will be very close to rolling out.


Freshwater Point Residents

Due to project complexity of delivering services to Freshwater Point, we need to secure alternate access routes to retransmit services to addresses in this location.  As part of this process, we have commenced negotiations which will hopefully allow us to rollout Freshwater Point following completion of Armstrong Beach. 

We still strongly encourage residents of both locations to register their interest using the link below.


Armstrong Beach – EOI